Tri Stage Pearl Paint Car Kits
Tri Stage Pearl Paint Car Kits

UreChem Tri Stage Pearl Paint Car Kits Low VOC



500 Series Tri Stage Pearl Paint Car Kits Low VOC

What's Included With This Kit

One (1) FULL Gallon of Basecoat
One (1) FULL Gallon of Pearl Midcoat
One (1) FULL Gallon of Clear
All Necessary Activators and Reducers


 This kit is typically enough material to paint the outside of the average sized car. Larger vehicles, or in cases where you are painting inside the engine bay and/or trunk, may require additional material. This kit is also available in a smaller quart size too.

The kit does not include primer which may or may not be needed depending on the condition of your vehicle. You can buy primer in the store here for incredible value.  

 Our 500 Series Tricoats or "3 Stage Pearl" colors offer maximum pearl effect in lighter and medium shades including color changing pastel finishes for bright colors that flip. These kits are made from durable pigments, resins and U.V. additives to ensure a finish that lasts. 

Available Colors:


3 Stage Pearls:  StarFire White Pearl, Microwhite Pearl, Blizzard Beach Pearl, Galaxy Blue Pearl, Amethyst Frost Pearl, Snow Blush Pearl, Turquoise Slope Pearl, Gold Dust Pearl, Shaved Ice Pearl, Arctic Crystal Pearl, Lilac Dreams Pearl, Celebrity Pink Pearl, Miami Beach Pearl, Noxious Pearl, Spicy Salsa Pearl, Fab Fuschia Pearl, Dovestone Pearl, Dark Wineberry Pearl, Matador Red Pearl, Laser Red Pearl, Hyper Red Pearl, Moss Grey Pearl, Sand Storm Pearl, Brass Pearl, Gold Digger Pearl, Sik Salmon Pearl, Screamin’ Yellow Pearl, Giallo Midas Pearl, Dream Sikle Pearl, Ecstacy Orange Pearl, Butterscotch Pearl, Lambo Lime Pearl, Paradise Pearl Pearl, DaMinted Pearl, Antarctic Blue Pearl, Antarctic Blue Pearl, Emerald Bay Pearl, Emerald Bay Pearl, Deep Water Blue Pearl, Mysterious Purple Pearl, Purquoise Pearl, Bonsai Beach Pearl, Cosmic Turquoise Pearl.




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