Low VOC Candy Basecoat Quart
Low VOC Candy Basecoat Quart

Low VOC Candy Basecoat Quart


 One Quart of Low VOC Candy Basecoat
without Pearl 

These kandy colors are created by combining dyes or highly transparent pigments with our urethane basecoat chemistry to create a color very close to that of the 2K catalyzed candys.  However, this product (EKB series), candy basecoat dries faster, and tapes easier with less edge build than catalyzed 2K urethane candys.  As such the EKB series is better suited for graphics applications and layering of tape-outs.  Final color depends highly on the color of basecoat used underneath.  Like the 2K catalyzed candy, this series of candy requires a metallic base to achieve a sparkling color. 

This type of candy basecoat does not contain pearl. if you are looking for candy base that does contain pearl you want to look at our candy graphic color basecoat.  Like all true candy paints these paints do not last as long as normal automotive paints. For maximum durability consider one of our pearl colors.  You can view those over here: pearl car colors. 

This formulation was designed to meet VOC requirements for low VOC regulated states including California, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and other regions requiring a 3.5 VOC basecoat. 

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