Metallic Urethane Topcoat
Metallic Urethane Topcoat

UreChem UreTop Metallic Urethane Topcoat 1.5 Gallon Kit


UreChem UreTop Metallic Urethane Topcoat 1.5 Gallon Kit

This listing features a kit containing a full GALLON of a UreTop Polyurethane Topcoat METALLIC color your choice, a QUART of activator and a QUART of reducer.


UreTop combines durable urethane polymers and co-reactants with automotive grade pigment to create a line of high gloss urethane single stage colors that are easy to apply with great flow and leveling, and dry to a high gloss, high DOI, finish that lasts. Mixes 4:1:1 by volume. This kit is enough material to paint the average passenger vehicle. 

There are 35 standard color options including the following; Stellar Silver, Iridium Silver Metallic, Fine Silver Metallic, Titanium Frost Metallic, Pewter Metallic, Charcoal Grey Metallic, Wool Grey Metallic, Coffee Bean Metallic, Fawn Metallic, Light Gold Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Red Gold Metallic, Copper Red Metallic, Burnt Orange Metallic, Peach Metallic, Sassy Pink Metallic, Cotton Candy Metallic, Watermelon Metallic, Fire Red Metallic, Marooned Red Metallic, Plum Crazy Metallic, Purple Haze Metallic, Lavender Frost Metallic, Frost Blue Metallic, Turquoise Frost Metallic, Arctic Blue Metallic, Aqua Blue Metallic, Royal Blue Metallic, Amethyst Blue Metallic, Teal Metallic, Slate Blue Metallic, Euro Green Metallic, Alien Green Metallic, Synergy Green Metallic, Black Sparkle Metallic, Copper Head Metallic, Crimson Crush Metallic, Blue Moon Metallic, Egyptian Gold Metallic, Viola Crystal Metallic, Gun Metal Grey Metallic, LeMans Blue Metallic.


Does this product meet my local VOC requirement?

 Check local regulations before purchasing. Some areas require a "low VOC" automotive paint for compliance with new air regulations. The map below shows some known low VOC regulated areas in red. However, regulations change often so always check your local regulations before purchasing. Contact us at for more details.



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