UreChem WornFx Patina Quart Kit
UreChem WornFx Patina Quart Kit

UreChem WornFx Patina Quart Kit


 WornFx Patina Quart Kit 


What's Included With This Kit

UreChem WornFx Patina Quart Kit
  • 1 Quart of Basecoat (18 Options)
  • 1 Quart Red Oxide Sealer
  • 1 Quart of Clearcoat Sheen (4 Options)
  • All Necessary Activators and Reducers

 This is typically enough material to cover the outside of an averaged size car. If you are painting inside the bed of a truck, inside the engine bay, inside the trunk, or if you have a larger than average vehicle you may need additional material. If you need smaller sizes click on the icon below to see all options for this color. 


SlikBase solid colors offer a rich vibrant color without the sparkle or shimmer of pearl and metallic finishes. These colors are well suited as stand alone colors or used in combination with other colors for graphics, or used as a base color for hot 3 stage pearl finishes. Polymers, solvents, and additives used in the formulation ensure ease of application, fast dry, and good coverage Mixes 2:1 with UreChem urethane reducers.

 This Basecoat Clearcoat kit is made with high levels of light fast automotive grade pigments and highly weatherable urethane co-reactants and UV protecting additives to ensure fast coverage and long life. The base mixes 2:1 with UreChem urethane grade reducer (included in kit) and the clear mixes 4:1 with activator for the MS clear or 2:1 with the glamour clear. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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UreChem WornFx Patina Gallon Kit 
UreChem WornFx Patina Quart Kit